How Curiosity (Almost) Killed The Cat Doctor

From a letter to the editor by Dr. Robert A. Lopez, in the September 1, 1993, issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. In the letter, Lopez, a veterinarian in Westport, New York, described the results of a number of experiments he had conducted to determine whether Otodectes cynotis, an ear mite usually found in cats and dogs, could also infest human beings.

After a search of the literature did not reveal any report of Otodectes cynotis infestation in human beings, I decided to become a human guinea pig. I obtained ear mites from a cat and confirmed by microscopic examination that they were Otodectes cynotis. Then I moistened a sterile cotton-tipped swab with warm tap water and transferred approximately one gram of ear mites from the cat’s ear to my left ear. Immediately, I heard scratching sounds, then moving sounds, as the mites began to explore my ear canal. Itching sensations then started, and all three sensations merged into a weird cacophony of sound and pain that intensified from that moment on. At first, I thought this wouldn’t and couldn’t last very long. However, as the day and evening wore on, I began to worry. The itching, or pruritus, was increasing. The sounds in my ear were becoming louder as the mites traveled toward my eardrum. I felt helpless. Is this the way a mite-infested animal feels?

For the next five hours, the mites were very active, and then their activity leveled off. There was still something definitely crawling about deep in my left ear, but the discomfort was bearable.

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When I went to bed at about 11:00 P.M., the mite activity increased incrementally so that by midnight the mites were very busy, biting, scratching, and moving about. By 1:00 A.M., the sounds were loud. An hour later, the pruritus was very intense. After two hours, the highest level of itching and scratching was attained. Sleep was impossible. Then, suddenly, the mites seemed to lessen their feeding activities, and I could sleep. Mite activity resumed at 7:00 A.M., with light noises and slight pruritus. This pattern was repeated: light mite activity during the day, with a slight increase from approximately 6:00 to 9:00 P.M., and then heavy mite activity from midnight to 3:00 A.M. This pattern of nighttime feeding made sleep, no matter how urgent, completely out of the question.

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By the second week, the intensity of the mite activity began to lessen. By the third week, the ear canal was filling up with debris, and I couldn’t hear out of my left ear. By the fourth week, mite activity was reduced by 75 percent, and I could feel mites crawling across my face at night. They never tried to enter my right ear, nor did they bite or cause itching anywhere else on my body. At the end of one month, I could no longer feel or hear any mite activity. However, my ear was completely filled with debris. For the first time, I cleansed my ear with swabs and warm-water flushings. Within one week, my left ear was clear of debris. By the sixth week, hearing was normal.

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I Beg To Differ … Football

The Liverpool supervisor Expenses Shankly once stated: ‘Some persons think soccer is a subject of existence and death … I could assure them it really is a lot more serious than that.’ No one could ever say that about rugby.

Football (never soccer) is simply the best game in the world. It offers a unifying language, it inspires passion from Bamako to Buenos Aires and Bombay to Bucharest. Even Japan fell in love with David Beckham during the 2002 World Cup and everyone loves the Germans after last year’s tournament. As for the Rugby World Cup–who really truly cares? When England won, the crowds in Trafalgar Square seemed like a big deal, and of course it will be the same should we miraculously win on Saturday, but that was a tea party compared to what would happen if we’d brought home football’s equivalent. Useful tips, article for your house


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The Officer’s Pledge: To Serve and Deflect?

On a recently available night time, as I walked with my 5-year-old son into the park near our home, I encountered one of our neighbors. I don’t know him that well, but I have noticed him in the park many times with his grandchildren, and I’m sure we exchanged names once long ago. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 16 years, having moved in this article when I started out my job as a officer. A lot of my neighbors understand that I operate for the Madison Law enforcement Department, so that it had not been surprising if you ask me that the neighbor I likely to simply go by in the recreation area that night time knew I proved helpful in police.


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The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Your Baby

When you are waiting for the arrival of your baby, there are a lot of things that you need to prepare beforehand. To be more specific, you need to buy a lot of baby gear such as stroller or cribs. You also need to look for various reviews of a particular product before you decide to buy them. For instance, you can look for the best pack and play for your little one.

Besides shopping for the appliances and gear that will support with in the process of nursing and caring for your baby, you also need to obtain a lot of information and knowledge about the baby and how to care for him as well.

As a new parent, you will sure be overwhelmed with tons of sources of knowledge about how to feed your baby or how to sooth a crying baby. No matter what advice or tips that you might receive, there is one certain advice that you will hear over and over again without anyone trying to deny it. The advice is keep breastfeeding your baby for at least 6 first month of his life.


3 BENEFITS OF Catering Services

Being a cafe owner is certainly such a difficult yet rewarding task, especially if you understand that your visitors happen to be delighted and content with the food and the products and services you provide. Persons nowadays are incredibly much into ease food or junk food, as a result of fast pace lifestyle they have. Getting busy won’t permit persons to cook in the home and also prepare foods because of their spouse and children, so they flip to obtain meals or even to go meals. It pays to have to proceed menu and one way to do that is to look for the right company that can handle to proceed menu printing. Before you contact a local printing shop for to proceed menu printing, you need to have an obvious a clear idea in mind of the concept you need for the print outs. You can using food savers to save food, drink, money and time. Read about best food savers to know more.

3 BENEFITS of Catering Services

3 BENEFITS of Catering Services

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Mobile Bar Work with in Australia, Keeping the Price of the Party Low

Corporate and Sociable functions are quite popular in the present day scenario. Event organizers often use professional catering services as it assists to save a adequate amount of effort and time. While availing professional solutions from caterers, drinks and food are approved to customers in an impeccable and beautiful way. Keeping a reputed and good caterer is very a challenging job. Despite of the type of event planned, availing the solutions of professional caterers is very necessary for the event to become a huge success.

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coffee shop

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Literary Letters: It Is Easy Enough For a Firm Man Who Knows The World To Brook The Rage Of The Cultivated Classes (part 4)

From Emily Crocker (Boulder, CO): For years I kept my past hidden from my parents and allowed them to peer at my world (of alcohol and drugs] with denial covered eyes, until recently when I let them in. It is always a risk to speak your mind and now I do so among a community of writers at Naropa University where I am obtaining my MFA in poetry and hope to teach high school and college kids the power of poetry. I appreciate your time and opinions and also the opportunity to submit my work. Similar post you should read.

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To Emily Crocker: What I really want is scathing criticism of Naropa. I’ve sent Waldman and Cie such critique and they react with silence. Shamefully, they refuse debate. Try writing something on the money trail and professorial perks at Naropa. Then see if Ann Waldman will smile at you. Also, writers do not belong in a comfy, self-congratulatory community like Naropa. They belong on the edge … and alone, though overtly critical of society. As for the power of poetry, that is a myth pushed by cowardly poets who desperately seek to elevate themselves in the eyes of the public. Poetry doesn’t wield any power at all today, except the power to earn money and brainwash the public into thinking that verse is another harmless product to be purchased like a DVD or self-help book. Poetling starlets like Pinsky, Collins, Dove, and Angelou keep their mouths shut for the dollar bill. They should be ashamed. Poetry has been coopted by academe which has been coopted by the corporation, and most poets have willingly sold out. Examine Poets & Writers, Inc.

Drink Your Tea: How Could You Not Celebrate The Spontaneous Emergence of a Decentralized Movement Aimed?

I CAN’T facilitate however surprise what planet Brink Lindsey has been living on for the last eighteen months. Lindsey’s harangue against the great men and girls UN agency conjure the party movement–utterly dismissive of their vital work against associate degree entrenched political establishment–seems disconnected from reality. This large grassroots revolt against massive government is that the greatest chance that advocates of restricted government have seen in generations, nevertheless philosopher intellectuals like Lindsey appear content to take a seat on the sidelines and pick apart. whereas the party builds a full new infrastructure to accommodate a vast community organized in defense of individual liberty and constitutionally affected government, Lindsey would rather quibble over the colour palette of the wall tiles within the guest toilet.


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Literary letters: it is easy enough for a firm man who knows the world to brook the rage of the cultivated classes (part 3)

To Nikki Giovanni, academic poet: I’m a tough critic, not exactly a dumb fan. Nothing like good ole capitalist sell, sell, sell humility on your website, eh? I’ve done a cartoon on you and published it in The American Dissident. I’m doing another on you right now: Nikki’s Racism 101 vs. P. Maudit’s (my cartoon sobriquet) Reverse Racism 301. Would you like me to jpg it to you or are you frightened it might upset your comfortable and fragile academic pol-correct cocoon? Although I am certainly of a liberal bent I specialize in criticizing liberals (much more challenging than criticizing the Bush ilk), including racial and genre protected species. What particularly irked me about you is the following: “How was it growing up in a ghetto?” asks the white student. “I don’t know,” responds the black professor smugly, pushing the ugly stereotypes, inferring all white students are stupid and believe that all blacks grow up in ghettos.

Literary letters: it is easy enough for a firm man who knows the world to brook the rage of the cultivated classes. their rage is decorous and prudent, for they are timid as being very vulnerable themselves (part 2)

From Al Filreis: I replied only briefly because I am the single parent of two school-aged children and needed to spend lots of time yesterday helping them with their homework. I am busy but it is not because I am the sort of unresponsive fat-cat tenured prof in your stereotype of me but because I have many personal demands on my time. I’m not a stereotype but an individual. I will look hard at your site, looking for verse for my site on modern & contemporary American verse. All the sites linked there are specifically about verse. There is nothing “shameful” in my creating a web site that is relatively specific. Best wishes … [And that was it from Filreis]

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