The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Your Baby

When you are waiting for the arrival of your baby, there are a lot of things that you need to prepare beforehand. To be more specific, you need to buy a lot of baby gear such as stroller or cribs. You also need to look for various reviews of a particular product before you decide to buy them. For instance, you can look for the best pack and play for your little one.

Besides shopping for the appliances and gear that will support with in the process of nursing and caring for your baby, you also need to obtain a lot of information and knowledge about the baby and how to care for him as well.

As a new parent, you will sure be overwhelmed with tons of sources of knowledge about how to feed your baby or how to sooth a crying baby. No matter what advice or tips that you might receive, there is one certain advice that you will hear over and over again without anyone trying to deny it. The advice is keep breastfeeding your baby for at least 6 first month of his life.

There are certain benefits of breastfeeding that no other different methods of feeding can overweight. Here are the top benefits of breastfeeding for your baby and you:

1. Breast Milk Is Very Nutritious And Easy to Digest

First of all, breast milk provides a lot of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to your baby. It also delivers a lot of protein and fat, which are necessary for daily activities of the baby.

You might argue that formula also brings a lot of nutrients. That is true. However, breast milk is much easier for your baby to digest. There are some certain brands of formulae that will make your baby having constipation or lead to upset stomach.

Besides vitamins and minerals, breast milk contains a lot of antibodies, which are very strong and powerful compounds responsible for fighting against viruses and bacteria. Therefore, when a baby is fed with breast milk, his immune system will be stronger and the baby will have less risk of getting many kinds of illness and colds.

Lastly, there are some researches which point out that breastfed babies tend to be smarter with higher IQ scores when they grow up.

Also when you breastfed your baby, if you change him from side to side, he would be able to develop his vision ability as well as other brain developments.


2. Breastfeeding Time Enhance the Bond Between the Mom And the Baby

When you breastfeed your baby directly, you need to hug him tightly and securely so that his mouth is latched perfectly to your breast. When you perform this position, you are also performing skin to skin touching. Furthermore, your baby can look at your eyes at a closer range and hear your heartbeats as clearly as when he was in the womb. Your baby will fell more secured and loved, hence strengthening the bond he has with you.

3. Breastfeeding Helps Mom to Keep Fit

It is calculated that moms often lose at least 500 calories per day breastfeeding their baby. Therefore, you can expect to lose pregnancy weight faster.

Moreover, when your breast supplies milk to your baby, your bodies produces a certain type of hormone called oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for getting the uterus to shrink to its normal, before pregnancy size. This also helps to reduce the risk of getting uterine bleeding as well.

Another health benefit that breastfeeding your baby can bring to you is that it helps to lower the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

It is considered more convenient for you to breastfeed your baby as well. Imagine that it is late at night when you feel so sleepy and your baby is crying to be fed. If you breastfeed, you cab simply offer your breast while laying down with him. Also imagine how annoying and uncomfortable it I to get up, prepare warm water to mix with the formula and cleaning the bottle afterward.


Finally, with breastfeeding, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on formula, sterilizers, baby bottles and nipples.

With a lot of options for feeding nowadays, as well as the fact that mom needs to go back to work earlier, many people decide not to breastfeed their baby and use formula instead.

In my opinion, you are entitled to what method you are going to use for your baby but you should at least breastfeed him for the first 6 month of his life. The benefits that you and your baby get from it will go with you both for the rest of the life.