Literary letters: it is easy enough for a firm man who knows the world to brook the rage of the cultivated classes (part 3)

To Nikki Giovanni, academic poet: I’m a tough critic, not exactly a dumb fan. Nothing like good ole capitalist sell, sell, sell humility on your website, eh? I’ve done a cartoon on you and published it in The American Dissident. I’m doing another on you right now: Nikki’s Racism 101 vs. P. Maudit’s (my cartoon sobriquet) Reverse Racism 301. Would you like me to jpg it to you or are you frightened it might upset your comfortable and fragile academic pol-correct cocoon? Although I am certainly of a liberal bent I specialize in criticizing liberals (much more challenging than criticizing the Bush ilk), including racial and genre protected species. What particularly irked me about you is the following: “How was it growing up in a ghetto?” asks the white student. “I don’t know,” responds the black professor smugly, pushing the ugly stereotypes, inferring all white students are stupid and believe that all blacks grow up in ghettos.